Aqua Kitty UDX: Xbox One Ultra Edition Review

Feb 10, 2017

AQUA KITTY UDX: Xbox One Ultra Edition has challenging but simple gameplay, no shortage of modes or ways to play, and is incredibly entertaining no matter how much time you invest in it. This reviews makes for my third of what essentially is the same game, but the Xbox One version is easily the best version of the game to-date. The duo over at Tikipod Ltd. have crafted yet another fine version of the game with a new mode: Dreadnought, that freshens it up enough to warrant another purchase. For new players, the reasons have always been there, but now there are more reasons to purchase the best Aqua Kitty.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II comes to Xbox One on July 1st

Jun 24, 2016

NeocoreGames is proud to announce that The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II will be available on Xbox One for $ 14.99  on July 1!

Bethesda outlines plans for Fallout 4 DLC, Season Pass price to increase

Feb 16, 2016

Since Fallout 4 launched, we’ve been blown away by your support for the game. It stands as our most successful title ever and that couldn’t have happened without you. It’s been truly inspiring, the stories, images and experiences that you’ve created. And now it’s time to share with you some of what we’ve been creating – our first series of add-ons: Automatron, Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbor.

Sixteen games added to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility today for the month of December

Dec 17, 2015

Today Microsoft released sixteen Xbox 360 games that are now playable on Xbox One. Are some of these your favorites? Are any of them what you requested? View the full post to see what’s available to play on Xbox One today.

NeocoreGames brings The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing to Xbox One today

Dec 01, 2015

NeocoreGames is proud to announce that The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is available now on Xbox One for €14,99 and FREE for all Xbox Live Gold members in December as part of the Games With Gold program.

Rock Band 4 Review

Oct 27, 2015

Rock Band 4 is my first time playing a game in the plastics instruments genre. I’ve watched at the periphery but just never had a chance to play these games because I was never in a living situation that could accommodate big and loud plastic instruments. But now that I live in my own house, I was finally able to play a Rock Band game. In preparation for this review, I also purchased Rock Band 1-3 as well as Rock Band: Beatles to be able to play them and have some context about the series.