Redeemer Review

Jul 31, 2017

Redeemer is a brawler in the vein of Hotline Miami because of its gore, brutality, and top-down view, but has a melee focus in a 3D space. The story is the least interesting as it is cliché and tacky with its unfolding plot. The gameplay loop of Redeemer stays fresh enough for the six hours it takes to complete the game. It is unfortunate though, that the gameplay suffers from random and frequent framerate dips. With that said, Redeemer is a modern romp through some old-school style stages that doesn’t quite redeem its shortcomings, but satisfies throughout to be a violent brawler worth playing.

Diluvion Review

Feb 27, 2017

We often look to the stars as a means of exploration beyond our own world. Arachnid Games looks to the great expanse of the sea with Diluvion. And in this, the game is an interesting take on the apocalypse story. There’s people to meet with, trade with, and fight against. However, I found myself fighting with the game itself more than conflicts you’d find therein. Diluvion‘s beauty gets washed away when that problem surfaces, but remains as something you shouldn’t overlook, either.

Magnetic: Cage Closed Review

Sep 07, 2015

Portal was a game that fundamentally changed the FPS genre into a space where your mind become a more powerful tool then your bullets. Of course with the critical success of such a new idea, many games have followed suit with new ideas and takes on mind bending puzzles. What if a game took those fundamental ideas and core concepts, threw in a little bit of Saw and Cube movie flavor? This is Magnetic in a nutshell… or metal shell as I should say.

Hard West, the Kickstarter success comes to PC this fall

Jul 30, 2015

Publisher Gambitious Digital Entertainment and developer CreativeForge Games have performed ritualistic blood sacrifice and joined spiritual forces on the successful Kickstarter project, Hard West – a classic Western tale of supernatural chaos and revenge coming to the PC platform in Autumn 2015.