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Aqua Kitty UDX (Switch) Review

Feb 15, 2018

Tikipod Ltd’s Aqua Kitty – Milk Mine Defender has seen many iterations and improvements as it has been released on other consoles. With Aqua Kitty UDX on the Nintendo Switch, it is largely unchanged from the Xbox One version, and dare I say perfected. Aqua Kitty blends Defender, Gradius, and Uridium in interesting and fresh ways that makes ownership of this title on any platform a rare treat, but the Switch benefits most from this release.

SteamWorld Dig (Switch) Review

Feb 07, 2018

SteamWorld Dig has resurfaced, and it has made its way onto the Nintendo Switch. The game does so, cleanly and wonderfully. By design, SteamWorld Dig is completely unchanged in its transition to the new console, so it is the same game as the other versions in every way. While I would have liked to see new features, touch controls, or enhancements from SteamWorld Dig 2, it just isn’t needed. And even though there’s nothing new to be found here, what’s here is a tightly packed game that put Image & Form on the map. SteamWorld Dig is a treasure all its own.

10tons Ltd has ported all their games to the Switch, and they’re awesome

Feb 06, 2018

Since September, just about every week, 10tons Ltd has been releasing their back-catalog onto the Switch. Last month, this concluded with Baseball Riot. Soon the Switch eShop will have 10tons’ most recent release, Tesla vs Lovecraft. But for now, there are a staggering twelve titles that in some instances cover a lot of the same ground, but variety can be found in each of its titles and owning all of it will provide you with a healthy library on the Switch that is perfect for home or commuting gaming.

The Deer God Review

Jan 19, 2018

The Deer God is composed of elements from a wide array of games, but the sum total of these pieces is a curiously unique title that uses this sense of familiarity to set you at ease just long enough for you to become bewildered by your in-game predicament and surroundings. This is thematically appropriate with the game’s core conceit in which you, a hunter, are stricken down and via mystical encounter laced with pseudo-druidic tones, are subsequently reborn as a deer tasked with a journey of understanding and (purportedly) self-redemption.