Warface – Weapon Customization trailer

Mar 07, 2013

Preparation is essential for success before any battle, but in the upcoming free-to-play shooter Warface®, it can take place during the battle so that your soldier is best equipped for the situation at hand.  The video released today from Crytek and Trion Worlds highlights the epic real-time weapon customization feature that allows gamers to add and adjust accessories and attachments to weapons on the fly. Swapping between different scopes, muzzles, rails and other state of the art gadgets mid-game enable the Warface elite to aim better, strike faster, shoot farther and hit harder.

The Warface beta servers will be live continuously until the game’s official launch in Spring 2013. Players who have not yet registered for the beta can still do so at www.warface.com.


Warface Closed Beta Starts Today

Jan 17, 2013

Trion Worlds, the leading publisher and developer of premium games for the connected era, today kicks off the closed beta for Warface, the upcoming free-to-play shooter, in cooperation with  renowned developer and co-publisher Crytek GmbH (Crytek). Warface will be accessed through GFACE®, Crytek’s social entertainment platform that is designed to enable its users to play games together live and to discover and share entertainment content with friends. The Warface beta servers are scheduled to be open from January 17 at 9:00am PST / 5pm GMT until the official Warface launch in Spring 2013. 

“Trion Worlds and Crytek have been working closely to bring Warface to Western players looking for a first-person shooter with striking graphical detail and unsurpassed gameplay – for free,” said Dirk Metzger, General Manager Publishing at Crytek. “We look forward to making the experience even more engaging as waves of pre-registered players are invited to join the Closed Beta and play their part in shaping Warface ahead of its final launch.” Players looking for fast-paced, exhilarating multiplayer and co-op gameplay, from one of the world’s most renowned first-person shooter studios, who have not yet registered can still do so at: www.warface.com 

The game casts players as part of Warface, a select unit of elite warriors that have banded together to fight Blackwood – the ruling brute-force government. Featuring intense first-person shooter co-op and competitive multiplayer gameplay, with regularly added new content, Warface gives players plenty of level-up opportunities and various upgrades, keeping you on your toes and forcing you to switch up your combat strategies in the heat of battle.  


Warface Co-op Campaign Trailer

Nov 08, 2012

To give gamers another look at this truly visually stunning piece of work, Crytek and Trion Worlds have today released a new trailer for Warface, the next generation online free-to-play shooter. War has never looked as good as it does in Warface as the latest trailer highlights the ability for players to join their friends around the globe in co-op campaign to take on advanced enemy forces, while using the most cutting-edge and state of the art weaponry, gadgets and vehicles. Unite as one and prepare to give ‘em your WARFACE!


Trion Worlds Teams up with Extra Life to Help Raise Money for Children

Oct 09, 2012

Trion Worlds, the leading publisher and developer of premium games, announced today that, for the third consecutive year, it will be participating in the Extra Life charity event. Extra Life is a 24-hour video game marathon that raises money to help kids at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals around the world. In an effort to make this year’s gaming marathon even more special, Trion’s community team will be live-streaming the entire experience, hosting surprise appearances by members of the dev team, distributing in-game awards and giving sneak peeks of upcoming releases including RIFT Storm Legion,  End of NationsWarface and Defiance. 

Fans interested in getting a look at these titles can tune in to www.twitch.tv/trionworlds to watch the live stream scheduled to commence at 8am PDT October 20th and conclude at 8am PDT, October 21st.

For more information on joining the Trion Worlds team during the Extra life event go to http://www.extra-life.org/ and search Trion Worlds.

Warface Locations Trailer and Screenshots from PAX Prime 2012

Aug 31, 2012

Crytek and Trion Worlds have today released the official Warface PAX Prime 2012 visually stunning trailer to give gamers another glimpse at what’s to come from this truly AAA, free-to-play shooter. Dubbed “Locations,” the new gameplay trailer highlights many of the different locations the game’s combat will take place including Europe, the Middle East and South America.  In addition to the new Locations trailer, Crytek has released a few new screenshots of the Favelas map in Brazil.